Student Representatives

An HDR student rep seeks to make your research journey smoother and more rewarding by serving as an advocate and a voice for the HDR community in their area.

Contact your local student rep to find out more about how things work in your area, or just to say hello!

  • What does a student rep do?

    • Advocacy: Student representatives act as advocates for HDR students, ensuring your concerns, ideas, and suggestions reach the right channels within the institution.
    • Access Information: They're a direct link to important updates, resources, and opportunities specifically tailored for HDR students, helping you to stay informed.
    • Problem Resolution: Facing challenges? Student reps can help navigate issues you encounter during your research journey, providing advice on working with your School or the AGRS to find solutions.
    • Represent Your Interests: By actively participating in committees and meetings, student representatives ensure that your needs and perspectives are considered in decisions affecting HDR students.
    • Connect and Collaborate: Student reps organise events, workshops, and forums that foster connections among HDR students, facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities.
    • Support and Guidance: Student representatives offer guidance on available resources, academic hurdles, and pathways for professional development within the research community.
    • Feedback Channel: They collect feedback from HDR students, amplifying your voice and ensuring that your experiences contribute to shaping a better academic environment.
  • Who is my HDR student rep?

    Please check the attached list for details of the HDR student rep(s) in your local area.

    HDR student rep(s)

  • Updating the list of student representatives

    To notify the AGRS of an update(s) to the list of HDR student reps, please email with the revised details and the name(s) of any student reps being replaced.

  • HDR Connect

    HDR Connect is a Teams channel aimed at providing a supportive space for networking, building relationships, and forming connections with your HDR peers, as well as the broader university community. This is your space; you can use it to explore the different channels, share ideas, challenges and successes or even, photos of your pets!

    Within the channel there are separate teams for a few of the postgraduate associations, plus Support and Advice - Coding; Support and Advice - Statistics, Upcoming E-research training and support etc. To sign up and start engaging, join at the following link:

     Join HDR Connect