Pre-Submission Review

For Faculty of Arts and Sciences students only, the pre-submission review is the final progress milestone you will complete prior to submission of your thesis for examination.

The purpose of the review is to ensure that you are on track to formulate, within the timeframe for your degree:

  • a thesis that is well written and structured;
  • likely to satisfy the academic standards necessary for submission and examination; and
  • has adequately managed any opposing schools of thought within the discipline

In some schools, the review will involve the presentation of a seminar on your research and/or attendance of the review panel.

In all cases, the review provides an opportunity for you to receive constructive criticism and advice from the broader discipline area. The review panel will provide feedback on any areas of concern brought to light during their review of the written information you have provided and where a seminar has been presented, for the panel to evaluate your ability to communicate the purpose and outcomes of your research.

If you are in the following School you are required to complete a Pre-Submission Review:

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

School of Education School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Elder Conservatorium of Music School of Animal & Veterinary Science
School of Humanities School of Biological Science
School of Social Sciences School of Physical Science

Due date

The due date for the pre-submission review is based on the time you have spent in candidature as follows:

  • 33 months, or half-time equivalent, from commencement for PhD students and
  • 21 months, or half-time equivalent, from commencement for Master by Research students.

If you have an annual review of progress due within three calendar months of the pre-submission review, you may request that the annual review be waived by emailing the Adelaide Graduate Research School.

Please note that if you have completed a pre-submission review and have not submitted your thesis for examination within twelve calendar months of the previous review’s due date, you will be required to complete another pre-submission review 12 months from the previous due date.

ARTS - Download the Pre-Submission Review form

SCIENCES - Download the Pre-Submission Review form

Required attachments

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