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Do you want to turn theory into practice while building, fostering, and enhancing professional contacts and networks in industry?

The University of Adelaide is offering a funded research internship which will ultimately help you build critical skills and expertise, while providing a strong complement to your academic studies and a head start for your future employment opportunities, not only in higher education but across all sectors and parts of our communities.

Information for students

  • Eligibility and requirements

    • Students must be enrolled in a PhD or Professional Doctorate by Research program at the University of Adelaide and be within the first 18 months of their candidature.
    • Students must be progressing satisfactorily in candidature and not have previously received funding from the University of Adelaide for participation in a research internship.
    • International students must be able to complete the proposed internship and doctoral degree within the student visa duration (where applicable).
    • The internship must be a minimum of 60 full-time equivalent business days in duration/ three calendar months and can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis. Mode of attendance can vary, i.e. full-time block, set days per week, part-time, face-to-face or virtual.
    • The Research Internship/Research and Development activities must be related to the student’s area of research. 
    • All students completing a research internship are required to complete the CaRST ‘Preparing for your Research Internship’ course prior to commencement.
  • Additional information

    • The University of Adelaide offers all PhD students completing an eligible Research Internship a 3-month research internship scholarship, if they are not engaged as an employee by the industry partner.
    • If you are currently or were previously employed to undertake research and development activities related to your area of research, with a research end-user for at least 60 FTE business days within the first 18 months of your full-time or 36 months of your part-time candidature, please contact the HDR Industry Team.
    • The completion of an AGRS-approved Research Internships will receive official recognition from the University of Adelaide and will be reflected as a statement on the academic transcript.
    • Prior to the internship, an agreement covering intellectual property (IP) will be executed by all parties. Typically, students will assign any project and internship IP to the industry partner, while any background research IP will be retained by the student/University.
  • Register to start your internship journey

    If you are a student that has self-sourced an internship, identified an internship opportunity with your supervisor or require assistance from the Internships Team, please complete the Student Registration of Interest form and our team will contact you regarding the next steps.

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  • Preparing for your Research Internship (CaRST module)

    All students undertaking a Research Internship are required to complete a complementary researcher development module, as part of the Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program.

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Information for partner organisations and principal supervisors

  • Overview of Research Internships

    The University of Adelaide offers its eligible PhD students a 3-month Research Internship Scholarship if they undertake Research and Development (R&D) activities for a minimum of 60 FTE business days in an area related to their current research, with any research end-user.

    The Research Internships offer a unique advantage to any organisation as they present a cost-effective approach for utilising the services of talented individuals without a hiring commitment. The PhD students bring a research perspective, academic background and unique skillset to the organisation which enables increased productivity to complete specific research tasks on projects of mutual interest. Besides injecting enthusiasm and creating mentoring opportunities for existing teams in the organisations, they enable organisations to tap on to up-and-coming talent for future recruitment. Lastly, they pave the way for fostering long term research collaboration and engagement with the University sector.

    These 3-month Research Internships are also considerably flexible. The commitment to undertake the Research Internship must be finalised within the first 18 months from commencement of the student’s PhD candidature, however, it can be completed on full-time or part-time basis, in blocks of time, face-to-face or online, at any time during the student’s candidature of up to 4 years. This flexibility offers organisations the ability to adjust the project timelines based on their organisational needs. The project scope, timing and nature of research and development activities are mutually agreed between the partner organisation, student, and their supervisor. Typically, the internship IP is held by the partner organisation, while any background research IP is retained by the relevant party

    Prior to internship commencement, formal documentation encapsulating the rights and responsibilities of all parties as well as relevant information about confidentiality, and intellectual property (IP) is executed.

    Internships longer than a period of 3 months require financial support by the Partner Organisation, however, are equally encouraged.

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