Science Communication Courses for Researchers

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Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) is pleased to offer HDR students access to specialised science communication training, through Animate Your Science’s self-paced, online courses.

  • How to Design an Award-Winning Scientific Poster

    Are you tired of seeing the same dense, text-heavy posters at every conference? Want to design a poster that's as innovative and impactful as your work itself? But how do you make your poster and research stand out?

    Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Tullio Rossi, Director of Animate Your Science and award-winning science communicator, as he uncovers the art of creating impactful posters and revolutionising how you present your research.

    This course covers:

    • What makes scientific posters good (and bad!).
    • How to tell a story on your poster
    • Design elements of an eye-catching posters
    • How to create ePosters and make your poster interactive

    Delving into the power of negative space and colours to the intricacies of the ideal software. You'll learn to distil complex scientific data into a crisp, engaging, and visually appealing scientific poster.

    For more information see the course webpage or watch the promo video here.

    This course is approved for 3 CaRST credits in Domain D.


  • Learn to draw in Illustrator: by scientists for scientists

    Do you want to create beautiful scientific diagrams and figures? Need a visual summary or schematic for your next conference poster or presentation? Having a clear and engaging visual can help demystify complex information. But creating a scientific graphic might be unfamiliar territory. So, where do you begin?

    Join Dr Juan Miguel Balbin, project manager, molecular biologist, science communicator & graphic designer, as he takes you through the fundamentals of vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator for research purposes.

    This course covers:

    • Fundamentals in Adobe Illustrator
    • Step-by-step guided tutorials and exercises
    • Creating templates for a graphical abstract and scientific poster
    • Basic graphic design principles

    From drawing cell models to creating your very own 3D solar system, you will learn to use the right tools to help you turn your abstract research ideas into stunning visuals that are clear, informative, and fit-for-purpose!

    For more information see the course webpage or watch the promo video here.

    This course is approved for 4 CaRST credits in Domain D.

    NOTE: To follow the tutorials, this course requires you to have your own Adobe Illustrator license*. The University of Adelaide does not have Adobe licences for students.

    *7 Day free trials are available on the Adobe website for students who wish to complete this course within a week.



  • Lights, Camera, Impact: How to Produce Captivating Science Videos

    Intrigued by video abstracts? Want to create your own captivating research video or enter a video competition like Visualise Your Thesis? Video communication has transformed the way we share and discover science. But how do you tackle the complexities of video production?

    Under the guidance of Dr.
    Tullio Rossi, Director of Animate Your Science and award-winning science communicator, you will learn how to confidently navigate the intricacies of video creation and master the art of science communication through video.

    This course covers:

    • Scripting and storyboarding
    • Copyright and staying out of trouble
    • Video style options
    • Editing and suggested software
    • BONUS: Visualise Your Thesis Module

    From crafting compelling dialogue with proven storytelling techniques to character creation, and beginner-friendly editing software this course covers it all. Transform your science into engaging audiovisual narratives that informs and inspires.

    Lights, Camera, Impact!

    For more information see the course webpage.

    This course is approved for 3 CaRST credits in Domain D.

How to enrol

These courses are offered via expression of interest only, twice a year, around April and October.

For expression of interest, stay tuned to the CaRST Newsletter as the course will be advertised there.

Further information

For further information contact: or visit: Animate your science website