Completing Your Milestones

Milestones are specific points during your degree program at which you will be required to complete a task.

Through the process of completing the various milestones, you, your School and the University will be able to monitor your progress and ensure that your research is proceeding at a rate that will enable you to complete your research program within the time allocated for the degree.


The induction provides a valuable introduction to life as a research student at the University of Adelaide, and is completed by students within the first month of candidature.

Core component of the structured program (CCSP)

The Core Component of the Structured Program (CCSP) is the first major progress milestone you will complete following candidature commencement; it is due by no later than six months, or half-time equivalent, from your start date in candidature.

Major review

The major review of progress is the second major progress milestone you will complete in your research degree. Students who successfully complete the major review will be confirmed in candidature.

Annual review

The annual review of progress is an appraisal of your progress by both you and your supervisory panel due every year on 31 October.

Minor review

For remote candidates, a minor review is completed each year in addition to the annual review.

Pre-submission review

The pre-submission review is the final progress milestone you will complete prior to submission of your thesis for examination.

Other milestones

Other student milestones to be aware of include CaRST, ethics and industry.