The induction into the research program consists of two related but separate components.

The first provides an introduction to your local area environment and procedures. The latter provides detailed information about your time as a research student at the University of Adelaide.

  • Local area induction

    Soon after you enrol, your supervisors(s), or postgraduate coordinator will arrange an induction for you. The induction will provide you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with your new work environment, the administrative procedures within your School and, of course, some of the staff and other students with whom you will interact during your candidature.

    More information on the local induction can be found in the Research Student Handbook.

  • Online induction

    In addition to your local areas induction, you will also undergo an online induction program provided by the Adelaide Graduate Research School for all commencing research students. This enables you to be inducted at the very beginning of your research program, regardless of your research location.

    The induction provides a valuable introduction to life as a research student at the University of Adelaide, and is intended to complement your school level induction program. The induction will introduce you to a range of topics and services including:

    • the roles of the Adelaide Graduate Research School and your supervisors
    • the Research Student Handbook
    • the timeframe for your completion of academic milestones and your program
    • research conduct (e.g. authorship, data management, IP and ethics)
    • changing your candidature conditions (e.g. leave, upgrades, transfers and attendance status)
    • the professional development opportunities available to you through the University’s Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program
    • student services on campus (e.g. library, IT, counselling and disability)
    • keeping your research on track and what to do when things go wrong
    • the role of the education welfare officers (EWOs) and the Adelaide University Union (AUU).

    You must complete the online induction within one month of commencing your research degree. Completion is a compulsory requirement of your candidature and is a prerequisite for the completion of the Core Component of the Structured Program (CCSP).

    As part of the online induction you will be required to download and complete the Expectations in Supervision form in collaboration with your supervisor; this will need to be uploaded with your CCSP.

    Accessing the online induction

    Access to the Postgraduate Research Induction (AU_AGC_PRI_2018) is via self-enrolment. You will receive a link via email to enrol yourself in the course within one day of your commencement date.

    You will be directed to the MyUni login page where you will need to enter your University login credentials. You will then see “Enrol in Course” appear on your homepage. Click “Enrol in Course”. You will have the option to begin the course or go to your dashboard where you will see the Induction now listed.

    At the end of the induction you will be asked to complete a quiz on what you have learned.  After you have completed the quiz with a pass mark of 100%, Adelaide Graduate Research School staff will record your completion of the induction milestone.

    Staff who wish to view the information being provided to their students, can request observer access to the course by emailing (staff only access).