Researcher Skills Courses

Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) offers the following researcher skills training packages from Epigeum, a leading provider of online training for Universities.

Statistical methods for research

Does your research require an understanding of basic statistics? This course provides training in basic statistical skills required to complete research projects and to understand and evaluate statistical models. Compatible with all major statistics packages such as SPSS, GenStat, Minitab and Stata, this online course is rich with scenarios, worked examples, practical applications and interactive statistical models.

This programme will:

  • Give students an introduction to the statistical modelling process
  • Introduce students to statistical thinking and how to describe data
  • Help students use statistics to make good generalisations
  • Show how statistics can be used for hypothesis testing
  • Focus on practical statistical modelling
  • Show hypothesis testing on proportions and how to interpret the results.

Statistical Methods for Research is available to be completed in five broad discipline streams, to provide a learning experience relevant to your field of study.

For more information about this course and access instructions, please visit the Statistical Methods for Research course page in CaRST Online.

Access is for University of Adelaide HDR students only and requires login to CaRST Online. 

Research integrity

Research Integrity ensures researchers understand their professional responsibilities. It provides practical advice on dealing with the complex issues that can arise while planning, conducting and reporting research.

This course is designed to help researchers to:

  • Know, understand and explain the key responsibilities they have as researchers
  • Identify the challenges they could face in meeting those responsibilities
  • Be aware of strategies for dealing with pressures and difficult situations

This course is available in MyUni to currently enrolled research students. Enrol in the MyUni course.

Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value

Research impact refers to the contributions your research makes beyond academia. This course covers the fundamentals of research impact – what it is and how it can be embedded into every step of the research journey – to help support universities in embedding a broader culture of research impact. This program is relevant to researchers at all levels, with particular relevance for doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and early-career researchers. It is suitable across all major disciplines.

This course is available in MyUni to currently enrolled research students. Enrol in the MyUni course