No Show Policy

Registration on an event is a commitment to attendance.

Registrants who cancel their registration more than 24 hours before the first session of an event will not be penalised. Registrants who fail to attend an event or who cancel their registration less than 24 hours before the first session of an event will be marked as a “No Show” for the event. Some workshops and courses have multiple sessions; students should only register if they are able to attend from beginning to end.

The Adelaide Graduate Research School reserves the right to levy a fee for non-attendance at CaRST events. Students with repeated non-attendance may be disallowed from attending future CaRST events.

It is important for HDR students to practice time management and professionalism. CaRST workshops are typically free to attend, and many are in high demand. Non-attendance at events disadvantages other students when places are limited, costs money and resources, and makes it difficult to plan events effectively.

A student may be excused due to illness or if another valid reason is presented. In order to be excused, students must contact within 5 working days after the start of a course.

Please review each course for the attendance policy specific to your course.