Postgraduate Coordinators

A postgraduate coordinator (PGC) is responsible for overseeing the work of all postgraduate research students within their school or discipline. 

As a senior member of academic staff your PGC is a valuable source of information on your candidature and is available to discuss any concerns or problems you may have with your research or your supervisors. They will also usually be present during your progress reviews. Detailed information on the responsibilities of PGCs is available in Appendix 2 of the research student handbook.
You will be allocated your PGC early in candidature. In some schools there are multiple PGCs and in those cases they are allocated to students based on discipline area or location (e.g. hospitals). If for some reason you are unable to contact your PGC, or you would like to discuss an issue with a different PGC, you are encouraged to contact an alternate PGC from your school or a similar discipline.
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