Thesis Submission

You have finally finished your thesis! There are just a few more steps (and forms) needed to submit it for examination.

Getting ready for thesis submission

  1. The checklist
    The Adelaide Graduate Research School has created a simple checklist for you to complete to ensure that you have everything ready to submit your thesis.

    Download the checklist
  2. Certification for thesis examination
    This form must be submitted at the time your thesis is submitted. It basically confirms that the thesis is ready for examination. It needs to be signed by your Principal Supervisor and your PGC or Head of School. As these people are busy it would be worth contacting them a few days in advance to advise that you would like to get the form signed and organise a time they will be available.

    Download the Certification for Thesis Examination form
  3. Submit your thesis at the Adelaide Graduate Research School
    Submit your thesis electronically as a single PDF together with a completed Certification for Thesis Examination form by email to the Adelaide Graduate Research School. If your thesis is too large to email, please use the University’s preferred file sharing software, Box, to create a link for us to download your file using the ‘Copy Shared Link’ function, not the ‘Share’ function (instructions on using Box are available).

    Note that students submitting a thesis with music need to submit one electronic copy of exegesis as a PDF and copies of any music files along with an index, and students submitting a thesis with creative work should submit the exegesis and creative work as 2 separate PDF files.

    Examinations will be conducted as normal although delays due to COVID-19 are expected. Any queries regarding thesis submission should be emailed to the Adelaide Graduate Research School.

  4. Celebrate your thesis submission
    Celebrate your thesis submission! Submit a photo to the Adelaide Graduate Research School for inclusion in the thesis submission gallery.

What happens next?

Find out more about the thesis examination.