Intention to Submit

Before you submit your thesis you will need to notify us in advance.

Approximately 3 months prior to when you expect to submit your thesis you are required to notify the Adelaide Graduate Research School using the ‘notification of intention to submit form’. Upon receipt of the form the Adelaide Graduate Research School staff will update your records and send an email to your principal supervisor requesting that examiners are nominated. As finding examiners can take some time, if you submit your intention to submit too close to when you submit your thesis there may be a delay in your examination.

The Adelaide Graduate Research School is aware that it is difficult to determine when you are 3 months out from submitting your thesis and sometimes things go quicker or take longer than your expect. The date that you provide in your intention to submit form just needs to be your best guess. You do not need to submit on the date you nominate, just submit your thesis whenever it is ready.