Support Available for Joint PhD Students

A range of support is available for candidates undertaking a joint PhD.

  • Tuition fees

    Normally host institutions agree to waive tuition fees for candidates enrolled in a joint PhD program, but they may charge other fees. Your fee liabilities will be outlined in the joint PhD documentation, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you understand them.

  • Scholarships

    Normally if you’re receiving a scholarship from your home institution you may continue to receive the scholarship (including stipend) while you physically spend time at the host institution. As noted above regarding fees, any scholarships will be outlined in the joint PhD documentation. It’s important that you ensure you understand how this affects you.

    There are a number of strategic scholarships available to support candidates enrolled in a joint PhD program where the University of Adelaide is the home institution. These scholarships are awarded continuously on a competitive basis, until all have been allocated. If you’re awarded one, you can retain it when you enrol in a joint PhD program. Scholarships and other opportunities are listed on the scholarships page.

  • Travel scholarships

    During your joint PhD program you’ll need to travel at least once to your host institution, and spend a minimum of 12 months (in total) physically located there. We encourage you to discuss travel costs with your supervisors prior to enrolling in a joint PhD program to determine how these costs will be managed, and to explore whether funding is available within their school or faculty to help. 

    You can also apply for a University of Adelaide research travel scholarship. These can be found in the University’s scholarships database. And don’t forget to investigate for travel funding opportunities at your Host Institution.