The WPR Approach

Jigsaw puzzle pieces

WPR: What's the Problem Represented to be?

The acronym 'WPR' stands for 'What's the Problem Represented to be?'. The approach assists researchers to develop & organize research projects through positing six interlinked questions that foster an enhanced critical engagement with a topic.

Initially designed for policy analysis, the approach is now being applied in a wide range of fields, including health sciences, geography, law, accounting/finance, psychology, drug & alcohol studies, and occupational science.

On this page we give you the opportunity to get to know WPR in more detail, and to explore the approach for yourself by 'sitting in' on the live video of an extended (4.5 hour) WPR workshop. You can work through this program in your own time and at your own pace. To assist your learning, a comprehensive set of references, and links to other resources, are also provided.