AdTAT - the Adelaide Text Analysis Tool

We are pleased to provide - as a free download - our powerful and intuitive concordancing tool.

Versions are available for both Windows and Mac. Download the version suitable for your operating system, then unzip and run the installer.

AdTAT is a self-contained application that does not need to be installed in your Programs or Applications folder. You can put it anywhere that is convenient for you. It will even run from a USB stick.

See the Help menu within the application for guidance on set up and use.

While we have done extensive testing, please note that you run this application at your own risk.

Download Mac version

Download Windows version **

** For Windows 7 systems, right click the unzipped installer and select "Run as    Administrator".
  For all other systems, simply run the installer as normal.

Technical support
Although we have made this resource available on our website, unfortunately we no longer support AdTAT and are unable to provide any technical support.