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The Adelaide Graduate Research School warmly congratulates Dr Erin Brazel, PhD candidate Carla Gallasch and GPN Vaccines on their recent funding success in the Australian Government's National Industry PhD Program. This program is aimed at translating PhD research that will have a tangible benefit to communities and organisations outside of academia. The funding secured by Dr Brazel's team will support Carla's research into a new vaccine to prevent ear infections in children and lung infections in adults.

This project reflects the growing engagement between University of Adelaide HDR students and the local bio-manufacturing industry and will further strengthen the University's ongoing research partnership with GPN Vaccines.

For more information about the National Industry PhD Program please visit the University's Program Page, or contact HDR Industry Enquiries.

Developing a novel cross-protective, inactivated vaccine against non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae 

Dr Erin Brazel; Carla Gallasch; GPN Vaccines Ltd

This project aims to develop a new vaccine that will prevent ear infections in children and lung infections in adults. These infections are caused by increasingly common bacteria, Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi). An effective vaccine would reduce the illnesses caused by NTHi, delivering a new Australian product to sell on the global vaccine market. Indigenous communities will also benefit from this vaccine because many children have high rates of middle ear infections caused by NTHi. This project will strengthen collaboration between the University and GPN Vaccines, equipping the PhD candidate with life-long industry-relevant skills and networks, and future career opportunities.


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