HDR supervisor Learning and Teaching Award winners for 2023

Congratulations to our HDR supervisor Learning and Teaching Award winners for 2023!

The following awards were presented at the 2023 ceremony Learning and Teaching awards ceremony, held on 30 November 2023:

Associate Professor David Jeffery from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine is the 2023 Stephen Cole the Elder award for excellence recipient in the category: Excellence in HDR supervisory practice.

As a HDR supervisor, A/Prof Jeffery’s has supported outstanding student outcomes through developing students as individuals and fostering their growth as excellent independent researchers. He has been Principal Supervisor for ten students who have achieved timely completions and a total of over 50 publications in quality journals as first author in their theses, received various accolades, and gained pertinent employment.

Dr Susan Hemer from the School of Social Sciences and A/Prof Wendy Ingman from the Adelaide Medical School are the winners of the 2023 Commendations for the Enhancement and Innovation of Student Learning recipient in the category: Implementing effective HDR Supervisory Practices.

Dr Susan Hemer approaches supervision through the philosophy of compassionate rigour. Recent years have proven challenging for many research students with a global pandemic. Dr Hemer has reviewed her supervisory practices to provide greater structure, scaffolding, and intensified support for students who face difficult times. These practices have supported Indigenous students, students with physical or mental health challenges and ‘rescue’ students to successfully complete their doctoral studies

A/Prof Wendy Ingman takes a student-centred approach to HDR supervision, tailoring her teaching style to the individual student and their individual learning needs. She helps each student identify and build on their strengths and address their unique challenges. Wendy creates a supportive environment that surrounds each student that will enable them to do their best work and reach their potential. Her students are supported to become self-directed learners and confident independent researchers, ready for postdoctoral careers.

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