Join the supervisor register

Supervisor induction

If applying as a staff member or titleholder, the online Supervisor Induction Program, Epigeum: Supervising Doctoral Studies, must be completed before completing the online application form. You can enrol in and access this course through MyUni with a University of Adelaide log in.

If you are not an academic staff member or titleholder, you may lodge an application to join the register as an external supervisor.  An external supervisor is defined as a subject matter expert who is not a member of University academic staff and who has not been awarded an academic title of the University of Adelaide, excepting a visitor title. Appropriately qualified professional staff and internal visitors are considered to be external for the purposes of supervision.

External supervisors are not eligible to take the principal responsibility for a student's supervision and, with the exception of professional staff, are exempted from completing the supervisor induction program.

How to apply

To apply to be included on the Register, please complete the online application form found at The application must be completed and returned within three weeks of the date of this e-mail.  Please note that we are unable to recognise you as a supervisor until the registration process has been completed.

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