Career Control for Researchers Program

The Adelaide Graduate Centre is pleased to offer HDR students access to a specialised online career program, Career Control for Researchers.

Career Control for Researchers gives HDR students the tools, guidance and confidence to take charge of their career direction, determine their own priorities and accelerate their progress.

  • About Career Control for Researchers

    Career Control for Researchers is an 8 week online program that gives PhD students the tools, guidance and confidence to take charge of their career direction, determine their own priorities and accelerate their progress.

    Career Control for Researchers is online and self-paced so students are able to complete the program in their own time. There are some live webinars that will be at a set time, and students are expected to complete a short assessment at the end of the 8 week period.

    If you are a researcher, successfully taking charge of your career ultimately means you:

    • win responsibility for your research direction and resources
    • secure positions you want, with conditions you prefer, not just the next research job
    • get involved in work that stretches, stimulates and fulfils you
    • achieve a genuine balance between your work and what you want from your personal life.

    Career Control for Researchers will equip you with:

    • clarity about the strengths, preferences and goals that should inform your career choices
    • certainty about the talents, values and attitudes that will anchor your career
    • specific career destinations to target for the short, medium and long term
    • a comprehensive personal career plan
    • a good understanding of the transferrable skills you need to make preferred career options possible.

    The program specifically targets PhD students, although MPhil students are still eligible to apply.

  • Course Timeframe and Dates

    The course is delivered over an 8 week timeframe, allowing you to join live, web-based discussions with career specialists. You will also complete self-paced modules with a total average time commitment of 1 - 1.5 hours per week.

    This course runs for eight weeks and the next course will run 20 April 2020 - 12 June 2020.

  • Who delivers Career Control for Researchers?

    Career Control for Researchers is a service created and delivered by PostdocTraining, an independent, private company specialising in professional and personal development training for researchers. It offers a unique combination of online training and face-to-face tuition, one-to-one advice and mentoring.

    Founded by former neuroscience postdoc and research fellow, Dr Kerstin Fritsches, the company teaches essential skills and introduces tools that early career researchers can apply immediately in their work, starting with comprehensive career planning.

    The Adelaide Graduate Centre will fund a limited number of HDR students to participate in the program.

  • Application

    Applications for the April-June program of Career Control for Researchers have now closed.

Further information

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