Minor Review of Progress

If you are a remote candidate, you will undertake a minor review of progress each year in addition to your annual review.

The minor review and annual review are similar in nature and purpose. The frequency of progress reviews is greater to ensure that your progress is not being unduly hindered by the quality of the facilities, resources and supervision available at the remote location.

You are exempt from completing the minor review of progress in the year in which you enrol as a remote student.

If you submit a thesis to the Adelaide Graduate Centre on or before 15 April, or your candidature lapses on or before 15 April, or you withdraw from candidature on or before 15 April, you are not required to undertake the review. All other remote students, including those who are full-time, half-time, writing up outside, on leave of absence, or on study leave, must participate in the minor review of progress.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that the minor review form is lodged with the Adelaide Graduate Centre by the due date of 15 April (or the next working day if this date falls on a weekend or public holiday).

Any queries regarding the minor review of progress may be directed to the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

Download the Minor Review form