Meet the 2023 Student Academic Skills Team

The SAS team help students engage productively with their coursework, and help them to realise and develop learning skills to succeed at University. They can also assist staff in many area.

Meet the people who can assist you in 2023:

Dr David Butler
I'm David, and I enjoy singing, children's literature, board games, and playing with maths. I'm the coordinator of the Maths Learning Centre, and the thing I love most about supporting students in that role is the moment they come to believe, as I do, that they have mathematical thoughts worth listening to.Dr David Butler 


Hi, I am Nicholas and I have been working in the Maths Learning Centre for the last 14 years, a position I truly love. Since I first learnt about numbers I have been fascinated with the way they work, and my role in the Maths Learning Centre allows me to share that love of mathematics with students from all areas of the University.Nicholas Crouch

The Maths Learning Centre exists to help all students engage with mathematics, so that it can support them to reach their goals. The MLC Drop-In Centre is a safe place where students can talk about any aspect of learning and using maths in any coursework at any level. It is open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday during semester both face-to-face and online for students to drop in without an appointment.

The MLC can also provide guest workshops and extra tutors at moments of mathematical need within courses, and online resources collected for specific courses. If you would like to promote the MLC to your students, have the MLC work within your course, or just discuss mathematical learning, then please email us

David and Nicholas were also recognised for their outstanding contribution to learning and teaching through their work at the MLC, in 2022 when they were awarded a Commendation for the Enhancement and Innovation of Student Learning.


Michael Lazarou
“Hi, I'm Michael and I'm the Coordinator of the Writing Centre; I have a background in Philosophy, and I love hiking and playing chess. What I love most about helping students is enabling them to feel more confident in their ideas, as well as helping them to develop a stronger academic toolkit to better articulate their thoughts with clarity and verve.”Michael Lazarou

The Writing Centre staff offer support to coursework students for any written assignment at any stage – from planning to polishing, they can help! The Writing Centre offers 30-minute, one-on-one appointments (face-to-face and online) with friendly and skilled Learning Advisors. Students make bookings via the Centre’s website, and appointments are available from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. A suite of online resources and writing guides are also available, and can be embedded into your courses. Staff should contact us if they are interested in promoting the service, or if they are interested in developing a writing workshop or seminar for their course.


Laura Robinson
Hi, my name is Laura and I run the Peer Assisted Study Sessions program which helps students to achieve academic success and supports them through the transition to University studies. I love having the opportunity to guide students to success by connecting them to the range of resources and support services we have available. There's nothing more fulfilling than the moment that a student realises how much support is available for them and that all they need to do is ask!Laura Robinson

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) offer weekly 50 minute study sessions facilitated by experienced students who have excelled in the most difficult courses. Students can discuss and practice important concepts and skills, check their understanding of course and assessment expectations, and build successful study habits in a friendly, casual environment.

We welcome Course Coordinators and student support staff to contact PASS to discuss how our peer learning programs can support their courses, or to discuss possibilities to work together to develop new peer-driven support activities to suit the needs of particular courses, programs, or cohorts.


Claudia Gottwald 1
Hello, my name is Claudia and I am the Academic Integrity Skills Officer. I love empowering and supporting students as they strive towards their academic goals; seeing their growth and success is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding!Claudia Gottwald

Our Academic Integrity Skills Officer supports the development of student resources, education and activities relating to academic integrity. She also coordinates a network of student Academic Integrity Ambassadors who are available to assist you with academic integrity activities in your School or Faculty. If you would like to learn more about academic integrity resources to use with your students, work with the ambassadors, or you have another idea for an activity or resource, please reach out to Claudia at


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