Library Self-Guided Tour

Take a self-guided tour

Go on a self-guided tour of the Barr Smith Library or the Law Library* with up to 3 friends, using the GooseChase app! Download the free app and get ready to learn about the library at your own pace, while completing fun missions. Enjoy!

1. Designate one person on your team to download the free GooseChase app on their mobile phone or device. Instructions for using the app can be downloaded for both the Barr Smith Library and Law Library.

2. For the Barr Smith Library: search the game name Library self-guided tour OR enter the game code 4XDK4K (also the password)

For the Law Library: search the game name Law Library Self-guided Tour OR enter the game code 3KBZJJ (also the password)


The University Library is a great starting point when you’re searching for information for your assignments or looking for a place to study. You can access a wide range of print and electronic resources, as well as support material to help you find and use information successfully. We also have staff available to assist you whether you’re studying on campus or at home. You can contact Ask Library in person, by phone, email or chat.

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