Guaranteed Entry

Guaranteed Entry gives you more certainty when applying to study with us.

It provides a fixed entry Selection Rank score in advance, which gives you a clear picture of the range of options you have. So you no longer need to worry about annually changing cut-off scores that reflect supply and demand.

The Guaranteed Entry score is simple and straightforward: just select the degree as your first preference, meet the subject prerequisites, achieve the required Selection Rank (including adjustment factors) and you’re in! A major benefit of a Guaranteed Entry score is that you know if you're in as soon as you get your exam results!

The Guaranteed Entry score is not the University's minimum eligibility score.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all application and admission requirements detailed in the SATAC University Guide and SATAC Tertiary Entrance Booklet (TEB). Speak to your school careers counsellor or visit the SATAC website.

Please note: Guaranteed Entry is not a change in the admissions processes or a relaxation of our academic standards - entry to all degrees remains merit-based. Our aim with Guaranteed Entry is simply to make it easier for you to get an idea of which degrees are likely to be available to you as soon as you receive your results.

To clarify what the entry requirements are for the degrees listed, please refer to the Admissions information on Degree Finder.