Mental Health and Wellbeing Series

Developed by the Adelaide Graduate Research School and the University’s Counselling Service, the Mental Health and Wellbeing series combines content informed by up to date research into mental health and wellbeing, with interactive discussion and activities, to address the 'Personal Effectiveness' domain.

While the four workshops are stand-alone, the skills built throughout the series build cumulatively to boost your personal and professional wellbeing and your success as an HDR student - and into the workplace.

  • Thriving in your Life as an HDR introduces the research findings of positive psychology and explores how you can apply this ‘science of wellbeing’ in your life. Available in person or online.
  • Communication Skills for Effective Relationships looks at the skills of communication, teaches an effective assertive communication technique, and discusses the basics of conflict resolution. Available in person or online.
  • The Self-Reflective HDR teaches how to discover and use your strengths, understand your personal qualities, characteristics and resources and achieve balance in your life. Available in person or online.
  • Reviving your Life while Doing an HDR covers common mental health obstacles that can impede your progress as an HDR – depression, anxiety, stress, poor sleep, perfectionism and procrastination. Available in person or online.



This series is presented by Jane Turner-Goldsmith, a registered (general) psychologist with a background in health, education and counselling psychology. Jane is especially interested in mental and physical health and wellbeing and in nurturing people’s creativity – both in life and as applied to the challenges they may be facing in life. She has most recently worked in the University of Adelaide counselling service and with international students in the ‘Talking with Aussies’ program.

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