Neurodiversity in HDR research and supervision practice

HDR Students and Supervisors are invited to participate in a survey for a study which will contribute to the understanding of Neurodiversity in HDR Research and Supervision Practice. 

Student Survey (HREC approval H-2022-181)

Please help us understand whether supervision and the research environment are meeting your needs.  All HDR students, and especially those with experience of neurodivergence (eg: autism, ADHD, dyslexia), are invited to complete a 12-minute, anonymous, optional online survey. For more, please click here.

HDR Supervisor Survey (HREC approval H-2022-181)

Diagnoses of neurodivergence (eg: autism, ADHD, dyslexia) are increasing. Please help us understand how this affects HDR research by completing a 12-minute, anonymous online survey about your understanding and experience of neurodiversity in HDR supervision.  To find out more, please click here.  

Contact: Dr Anna Szorenyi

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