iThenticate - now available for HDR students and supervisors

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The Adelaide Graduate Research School is pleased to advise that iThenticate is now available for use by all HDR students and supervisors.

iThenticate is a text matching software tool that compares submitted documents to an extensive database of web pages and scholarly content to produce a similarity score and report. This assists users to review their work, check for originality and ensure that non-original work has been cited appropriately. 

For researchers, iThenticate is recommended over Turnitin.  Both systems compare submissions with internet pages, however where Turnitin also provides a comparison with a global catalogue of previously submitted student assignments, iThenticate analyses submissions against an extensive collection of scholarly works including theses and journals.

The use of iThenticate is encouraged throughout HDR candidature to check the originality of work including literature reviews, draft publications and thesis drafts to avoid instances of plagiarism and copyright concerns and to ensure compliance with university policies and regulatory requirements around academic and research integrity.  

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