Thesis Examination

After you submit your thesis, please make sure you are across the examination process below and complete the final steps to finishing your degree.

The examination

Detailed information on how the examination will be conducted is in the ’Examination’ section of the Research Student Handbook (please see the examination chapter). Your thesis will be sent electronically to 2 examiners who will be asked to submit their reports within 4-8 weeks.

There can be delays in examinations for many reasons such as difficulties in confirming suitable examiners or examiner availability so it takes an average of 3 months for most students to receive their outcome.

The Graduate Centre has established processes for monitoring examination progress and reminding examiners about late reports so that you get your outcome as soon as possible.

Your examination outcome

You will receive an email advising of the outcome of your examination along with copies of the reports from your examiners. The email contains advice on the examiners’ recommendation and what steps you need to take to complete the requirements and be qualified for your degree.

Descriptions of the recommendations that examiners can make and how an outcome is determined can be found in the ’Examination’ section of the Research Student Handbook.

After you receive your outcome email

Your outcome email will detail what you need to do. You will need to submit the following to the Graduate Centre:


The Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS) is a formal document describing the University of Adelaide and your degree requirements.  A 100 word description of your research must be submitted on a special template for inclusion in the AHEGS. Once you have completed your 100 words on the template you should email it to your principal supervisor and request their approval by return email.  Once you have your principal supervisor’s approval send that email, along with the approved AHEGS template to the Graduate Centre.  This should be done at the time of your thesis submission, or at the latest, before your final thesis is submitted after it has been examined. Your AHEGS statement is required before you can be qualified and be eligible for the conferral of your degree.

Download the AHEGS template

Exit survey

The Graduate Centre is interested to learn of your experiences during your candidature with a view to improving the experiences of current and future students. Answers to the questions in the exit survey are anonymised and aggregated so that your answers cannot be attributed to you. Please complete the exit survey, preferably just be before submitting your thesis for examination, or at the latest, before your final thesis is submitted after it has been examined.  A completed exit survey is required before you can be qualified and be eligible for the conferral of your degree.

Complete the exit survey

Your final thesis

You will need to consult with your supervisors regarding the content of the examiners’ reports and make any required changes. The final approved version of your thesis should then be submitted to the Graduate Centre along with a Final Thesis Lodgement form.

Download the final thesis lodgement form


When you submit your thesis you will be advised of several important deadlines for conferral of your degree and graduating. It is important that you check Access Adelaide to ensure that you have applied to graduate by the dates indicated on the Graduations website. Information is available in the ‘Graduation’ section of the Research Students Handbook. All queries regarding graduation ceremonies and academic transcripts should be directed to the Graduations Office, not the Graduate Centre.