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Annual Review of Progress

  • Annual Review of Progress Timeline and Workflow
  • What is the Annual Review of Progress?

    The Annual Review is intended to be an open and frank appraisal of your rate of progress by both you and your supervisory panel. The Review is due every year on 31 October and serves several purposes. It:

    • ensures that you highlight your achievements during the preceding year so that you can clearly see the progress you have made both in your research and your professional development (it is common for students to underestimate their progress and the review process can provide some useful reassurance);
    • provides you with an opportunity to formally set goals with your whole supervisory panel for the next stage of your project and in the next stage of your professional development;
    • is an important tool for identifying any problems that may be occurring in your candidature so that they can be documented and resolved. Documentation is very important, as any problems you report on your annual review form (which were beyond your control and have negatively affected your progress) will be taken into consideration if you submit an application for a candidature or scholarship extension in the future.  If you are unable to raise a problem(s) at the School level, you can submit a confidential statement for the attention of the Dean of Graduate Studies;
    • provides an opportunity to review and re-negotiate your access to resources and facilities;
    • provides an opportunity to review ethics requirements and a prompt to provide any necessary clearances to the Graduate Centre;
    • provides an opportunity to review your supervisory arrangements, including the frequency and usefulness of meetings; and
    • serves to ensure that your Postgraduate Coordinator, the head of school and the Dean of Graduate Studies are kept fully informed of your progress.

    Satisfactory completion of the Annual Review and other candidature milestones where applicable, is a pre-requisite for re-enrolment and scholarship continuation into the following year.

    Who is required to complete an Annual Review? 

    As a research student who is actively enrolled or on approved leave of absence, you are required to participate in an Annual Review of Progress every year, unless one of the following applies:  

    • You first enrolled in the year of the Review;
    • You submitted your thesis for examination prior to 31 October;
    • Your candidature lapsed prior to 31 October;
    • You have been advised to complete a Pre-Submission Review in place of an Annual Review of Progress;

    You have been granted an exemption on medical grounds

  • What is the process for completing the Online Annual Review of Progress?

    The Annual Review comprises the following steps: preparation, completing the review (student), completing the review (supervisors), final review (student) and the graduate centre review.
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  • Why an Online Annual Review?

    The University transitioned to an online Annual Review of Progress in 2016.  The change has provided a number of benefits, including:

    • reducing the time taken to complete the form through pre-population of key information and electronic workflow approval;
    • delivering an improved and more intuitive look and feel;
    • improved accuracy from validation of answers at the time of entry;
    • the ability for the Graduate Centre to identify priority cases for follow up and to provide timely feedback & milestone completion; and
    • being better for the environment
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Annual Review of Progress
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Making the Most of the Annual Review

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