The University believes its staff should work in an environment where they are valued and where exceptional performance is recognised.

Such an environment also provides for greater job satisfaction, increased staff motivation and productivity, and improves attraction and retention rates.

Recognition reinforces the University’s strategic vision by recognising contributions or behaviour that supports its goals and objectives.

Recognition is about acknowledgement and appreciation – it is a transparent message to staff that their discretionary effort is noticed and valued.

To ensure a fair and consistent approach within the University, staff may be recognised for the following exceptional contributions, including but not limited to:

  • Demonstrated leadership.
  • Excellence in learning and teaching, or research and research training.
  • Exceptional innovation or improvement.
  • Customer satisfaction and service.
  • Outstanding community engagement.
  • Exemplary effort or achievement in the core areas of our people, processes, infrastructure and community.

Professional and academic staff, as well as titleholders have the opportunity to be formally recognised for exceptional contributions through the University’s Awards for Outstanding Achievement. Further information and nomination forms are available through the University Awards webpage.

Academic staff members are eligible to apply for promotion when they believe they have achieved and can demonstrate quality of performance appropriate to the level sought

University Awards for Outstanding Achievement

Recognise and celebrate the diverse and exceptional contributions of our staff and titleholders across all areas of the University.  

Recognise a colleague

Do you work with someone who consistently demonstrates University Values?  Let them know you appreciate what they do and the way they do it!

Silver jubilee reception

Recognising 25 years of outstanding service