Academic Performance

Success in the University means creating an environment where people can perform at their best to enable the school, branch and individual to achieve their objectives.

Academic Promotions

Through academic promotion, the University seeks to reward academic staff whose exceptional performance and conduct directly contributes to the University’s vision as a social, cultural and academic thought leader.

Academic Role Statement

The Individual Academic Profile (IAP) is a record of existing information from University systems that specifically relates to a staff member's academic achievement in a range of areas including teaching activity, HDR supervision and completion, in addition to publications and research grants. See the Individual Academic Profile Information Sheet for more information.

Academic Workload Allocation

Academic workload allocation involves a collaborative discussion between the line-manager and academic staff. The process should complement HR procedures and align with the Planning, Development & Review process. Principles and expectations have been developed to guide the application, governance and communication of academic work and its allocation. See fact sheet for more information. 

Professors as Leaders

The University's inaugural Professors as Leaders Statement recognises that the title of Professors brings with it an acknowledgement of exemplary conduct and output, and sets out expectations to uphold University Values while demonstrating the highest standard of ethical practice and academic and professional integrity.

Planning, Development & Review (PDR)

Planning, Development and Review provides a framework for staff to set performance objectives which are meaningful in their current role, contribute to career goals, and align to the University's strategic direction.