Workforce Analytics Dashboard

The HR Workforce Analytics Dashboards are based on the Cognos Business Intelligence reporting suite and can be used to access a number of key HR Metrics including; Women in Leadership, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples numbers, Excess Leave, Leave Balances, Staff and Titleholder Headcount, Job Family & FTE.

HR Workforce Analytics Dashboard access

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  • General information


    This set of dashboards provides managers with an overview of the information they need to assess and report workforce capabilities and trends. Most dashboards provide drill through to individual staff details. Users can only view information for the Departments to which they have access. 

    The HR Workforce Analytics Dashboard Suite includes the following dashboards:

    Home page

    • Key People Target measures against Beacon Targets
    • Demographic Summary – Headcount & FTE by Academic/Professional
    • Staff Profile – Headcount & FTE 5 year trends by Faculty/Division
    • Excess Annual Leave by Faculty/Division
    • Excess Long Service Leave by Faculty/Division

    Demographics – Headcount & FTE

    • Age
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
    • Classification
    • Gender


    • Excess Leave
      Note:  Planned Leave is leave booked and approved in SSO
    • Leave Balances
    • Leave Booked
    • Leave Taken

    Job Family

    • Headcount & FTE by Job Family

    Staff Mobility

    • Staff Moves – transfers internally between Schools/Branches
    • New Starters
    • Academic Promotions
    • Separations

    Staff Profile

    • Headcount / FTE, as at the end of the last finalised quarter, by faculty/branch, job function, staff type and contract type.


    • Headcount by Faculty/School
    • Headcount by Title
    • Titleholder headcount trends over 5 years
  • Reference material


Frequently asked questions

  • The error message: "IBM Cognos Viewer undefined" appears when trying to load the dashboards. What does this mean?

    If you use Internet Explorer 11 this error may appear on your screen. To stop this error you will need to change your compatibility view settings in Internet Explorer via Tools, Compatibility View Settings then add to your compatibility view settings.

  • What data do I need to review in the monthly payroll bonafides reports?

    The review and verification of monthly payroll reports will take into account all of the data below. 


    Full Staff List
    A report listing all staff employed in the area in the reporting month. No review of this report is required.

    New Starters
    The reviewer is to review and certify that: 

    • The list of staff members who commenced employment within the reporting month is complete; and
    • The hire/rehire date accurately reflects the actual start date of the staff member.

    The reviewer is to review and certify that the list of staff members who left the School/Branch within the reporting month is complete.

    New Starters (Casual)
    The reviewer is to review and certify that the list of casual staff members with a new contract commencing within the reporting month is complete.

    Separations (Casual)
    The reviewer is to review and certify that the list of casual staff members whose contract ended within the period of 30 days prior to the reporting month is complete. 

  • Do I need to retain evidence of the monthly review process?

    Yes. Evidence of the monthly review process must be retained locally in the School/Branch for a minimum of 18 months so as to be available upon request from internal/external auditors. 
    The evidence of the review should at least include a copy of the report and a statement that indicates that the report is accurate. 
    The evidence of the review may take the form of an email from the nominated reviewer to the Head of School/Branch Head, or it may be a record stored electronically on the University’s records management system, or in a School/Branch shared folder/box. 
    The evidence of the review should be able to be accessed by the nominated reviewer and the Head of School/Branch Head.