HR Processing Timelines

Human Resources (HR) transactions that are prompted by an action arising in a local area within the University are entered into the HR system as soon as possible after receipt of completed and duly authorised documentation.

The following cut off dates ensure that priority is assigned to documentation that is received on time and in completed form in order that payment associated with that transaction can be facilitated on time.

The following types of transactions are processed according to the following standards:

  • New Appointments – All new continuing and fixed term appointments will be generated within 5 working days of receipt of complete and approved appointment request via the Recruitment System.
  • Renewal of Fixed-term Contracts - All renewals of fixed-term contracts are administered through Contract Review and Administration for Fixed Term (CRAFT)
  • Casual Contracts - Online contracts can be created through Staff Services Online (SSO) any time before the contract commencement date.
  • Casual Payment Claim Forms - All casual contracts and timesheets must be administered through Casual Automated Payment System (CAPS). Refer to cut-off dates and timesheet timeframes.
  • Other transactions that impact on payroll are included in a pay run only where the completed documentation in respect of these transactions reaches Human Resources one fortnight prior to the pay day in which they are to take effect.
  • Early Payroll Submission Deadlines - During certain times of the year, timeframes may be compressed to ensure processing can be finalised in the lead up to public holidays and University closedown days. Please refer to Human Resources news for updates.
  • Payroll processing deadlines 2022

    Pay Day Payroll cut-off (Friday 5pm)
    14/01/2022 24/12/2021
    28/01/2022 14/01/2022
    11/02/2022 28/01/2022
    25/02/2022 11/02/2022
    11/03/2022 25/02/2022
    25/03/2022 11/03/2022
    08/04/2022 25/03/2022
    22/04/2022 08/04/2022
    06/05/2022 22/04/2022
    20/05/2022 06/05/2022
    03/06/2022 20/05/2022
    17/06/2022 03/06/2022
    01/07/2022 17/06/2022
    15/07/2022 01/07/2022
    29/07/2022 15/07/2022
    12/08/2022 29/07/2022
    26/08/2022 12/08/2022
    09/09/2022 26/08/2022
    23/09/2022 09/09/2022
    07/10/2022 23/09/2022
    21/10/2022 07/10/2022
    04/11/2022 21/10/2022
    18/11/2022 04/11/2022
    02/12/2022 15/11/2022 (compressed pay period)
    16/12/2022 28/11/2022 (compressed pay period)
    30/12/2022 09/12/2022 (compressed pay period)
    13/01/2023 30/12/2022
    27/01/2023 13/01/2023
  • PageUp (Contracts for new staff)

    The processing timeline table will assist you in planning your processes to ensure no delays to payments for new staff members.

  • CRAFT (Contract Renewals)

    The processing timelines table will assist you in planning your processes to ensure staff members do not have interruptions to pay or system access.

  • AppoINT (New contracts for existing staff)

    The processing timelines table will assist you in planning your processes to ensure staff members do not have interruptions to pay or system access.

  • CAPS Timesheet

    Standard Timeframes depicts the standard 4-week cycle that determines timeframes for submitting and validating casual timesheets in CAPS. Timesheet Validators should familiarise themselves with these timeframes. Visit the Timesheet submission and Validation Deadlines.


  • ITDS Overtime

    The ITDS overtime payment cycle timelines details the submission, approval and payment workflow of your overtime/oncall timesheet.