We are delighted that you have decided to join the University of Adelaide and hope that you will find your new role to be professionally challenging and rewarding.

To ensure your smooth transition to working at the University and a prompt salary payment, you are required to complete important onboarding tasks before commencing work and will have been sent a link to access the University’s onboarding portal upon acceptance of your contract. 

The Onboarding Portal is part of the University of Adelaide’s Staff Services Online self-service tool where you will be able to apply for leave, view and download payslips and update personal information. If you will have staff reporting to you in your new role, it is also where you will be able to view certain information about your team once you commence.

Completing all of your Onboarding tasks will enable us to ensure you are activated in all our HR Systems (including our Payroll System).

You will receive regular email reminders as long as onboarding tasks remain incomplete. These will become more frequent as you get closer to your start date

If you have any questions relating to your employment or any problems providing any of the required information please to contact the HR Service Centre, hrservicecentre@adelaide.edu.au or 8313 1111.

  • Accessing the Onboarding Portal

    To access the onboarding portal, you will need to activate your account via Manage Your Account webpage.  You will be asked to enter your Username which is your University ID in your contract. Once you have activated your account, please log into the Staff Services Online (SSO) portal using your ID and newly created password and follow the Onboarding instructions and tasks.  Your University ID and password set here will be used for logging into all University systems. Online security is important and you will be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication MFA with Okta Verify before you login for the first time.

    You will be asked to provide personal, contact and payroll information, as well as evidence of your working rights.  You may wish to have this information on hand before commencing onboarding tasks.

    If you have worked at the University before or are a student or have studied at the University of Adelaide, you may find that some of the information in the onboarding portal is already pre-filled. Please ensure that you check that all the information is valid and up to date, particularly your banking information.

  • Staff Benefits

    The University recognises that its staff are one of our greatest assets. To recognise and reward this, staff are entitled to a number of benefits as part of their employment. Please visit the Staff Benefits website for more information. 

  • Visa/Citizenship

    The University needs to assure itself that all its staff have appropriate rights to work in Australia and needs the corresponding evidence to be provided prior to commencement.

    Australian or New Zealand Citizen

    To provide proof of your Australian Citizenship, you need to provide details and upload one of the following:

    • Scanned copy of your Passport Bio Page
    • Scanned copy of your Citizenship Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship status
    • Scanned copy of your Birth Certificate (applicable only for Australian citizens who were born prior to 20 August 1986)

    To provide proof of your New Zealand Citizenship, you need to provide details and upload a scanned copy of your Passport Bio Page

    Permanent Resident or other visa holder

    Please provide the information requested within the onboarding portal and upload a copy of your visa grant notice.

    Prospective Staff member requiring sponsorship to take up employment

    You will not be able to complete onboarding until your visa has been granted. The Recruitment and Appointments team will contact you regarding the visa sponsorship process and to request the documents we require as part of this process. Our visa website has useful information regarding the requirements for employer sponsored visas. 

    If you anticipate any issues providing the required evidence, please contact the HR Service Centre, hrservicecentre@adelaide.edu.au or 8313 1111.

  • Banking Information

    Please provide details of the bank account you want your salary to be paid into. You can change this at a later stage by logging into Staff Services Online.

    If your BSB does not appear in the drop down list, please contact the HR Service Centre, hrservicecentre@adelaide.edu.au or 8313 1111.

    If you do not currently have an Australian bank account you will be unable to fully complete onboarding via the portal. Please contact the HR Service Centre, hrservicecentre@adelaide.edu.au or 8313 1111.

  • Tax

    You will need to provide your tax file number and complete the relevant declarations so we are able to pay you correctly.

    If you do not have an Australian Tax File Number (TFN) you will be unable to fully complete onboarding via the portal. Please contact the HR Service Centre, hrservicecentre@adelaide.edu.au or 8313 1111.

  • Superannuation

    Please select the option appropriate to your personal choice and situation.

    If you choose to nominate an alternative APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) superannuation fund or RSA (Retirement Saving Account), please ensure that the ABN and USI fields are filled and, if you have an existing account with the fund, enter your Membership Number as well.

    If you choose to nominate an alternative SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund), please ensure to attach all necessary supporting documentation.

    If you choose to defer advisement of superannuation fund choice, please download and fill-out the ATO’s Superannuation standard choice of fund form (https://www.ato.gov.au/Forms/Superannuation-(super)-standard-choice-form/) and, upon completion, email the form to super@adelaide.edu.au.

    If you do not complete a superannuation choice form before superannuation contributions are due, the University will contact the ATO to determine whether you have a stapled super fund into which the University can pay your superannuation contributions. If the ATO advises there is no stapled fund, your contribution will be paid into the University’s nominated super fund – UniSuper. Any delays in selecting a superannuation fund or providing the required documentation will result in delays in processing contributions to your superannuation fund.

    If you have any issues choosing superannuation options or entering the required information, please contact the HR Service Centre on (08) 8313 1111 or hrservicecentre@adelaide.edu.au

  • Qualifications

    As a requirement of TEQSA, academic staff will have already been asked for evidence of their highest qualification prior to an offer of employment being issued. The information we already have has been pre-populated into the onboarding form, including any degree conferred by the University of Adelaide. If you have additional qualifications you would like to register, please feel free to add them within the portal.  You may like to check that any information already prepopulated is correct.

    For Professional Staff, there is no requirement to enter a qualification but if you do not then you will need to declare that you have no qualifications. If we needed to see a copy of your qualification it would have been requested during the reference checking stage. If you studied at the University of Adelaide your degree information will automatically be populated.  For degrees prior to 1985, please contact hrservicecentre@adelaide.edu.au who will manually update your record.


  • Work clearances

    If you are employed in a position which requires a clearance such as a prescribed position requiring a Working With Children Check we will have already asked for evidence of your clearance and the information will be pre-populated.

    We will routinely monitor validity of Working with Children Checks and before your current check is due to expire you will need to apply for a new one and upload the new clearance information into Staff Services Online.