Staff Values and Behaviour Framework

Together with the Code of Conduct, the Staff Values and Behaviour Framework enshrines the University's Values and articulates a set of key behavioural standards that uphold our University's culture.

A Values and Staff Behaviour toolkit has been designed for leaders of both staff and students to provide guidance on how to implement the values framework and encourage our staff and students to live the values in action.



We hold ourselves and each other accountable to be honest and fair.

Value in action

Be accountable for my outcomes and actions, and encourage others to do the same.

Make decisions in the interests of the University, based on the best available evidence and with consideration of the needs of others.

Behave in accordance with University Values, the Code of Conduct, and the standards expressed by this Framework.

Address behaviour which falls short of our standards, and support others to do the same.


Make allowances for lapses in ethical and moral conduct.



We embrace diversity and uphold the dignity of each individual.

Value in action

Recognise and appreciate that the valuable contributions people make are influenced by diverse backgrounds, experiences and capabilities.

Enable the views of others to be heard and genuinely value their input.

Demonstrate empathy and concern for others by making time to understand and support their unique needs.

Communicate with each other in a positive, constructive and professional manner.


 Tolerate bias, exclusion or wilful ignorance in any form.



We explore ideas collaboratively, and are united in our commitment to the University community.  

Value in action

Create opportunities for collective idea generation, knowledge sharing, and decision making.

Generously pitch-in to support each other, our communities and the University, and participate in local and whole of University events.

Encourage active challenge of assumptions. 

Welcome and explore competing views through reasoned and robust debate.


Act in a way which damages the institution.



We deliver our best, and celebrate outstanding performance.

Value in action

Challenge myself and support colleagues to meet and exceed performance expectations.

Celebrate the people and teams that show perseverance, commitment, risk taking and achieve great results (no matter how small or large).

Celebrate those who consistently ‘live’ University Values.

Take responsibility for giving timely and specific feedback to others.


Accept mediocrity in effort and output.



We are committed to learning and we boldly approach the future with curiosity and energy.

Value in action

Show energy and drive to pursue new opportunities and challenge the status quo.

Demonstrate an experimental mindset, take risks and explore new ways of doing things.

Take responsibility for my own professional learning.

Reward innovation and initiative independent of outcome.


Shut down new ideas without affording them time to be heard, built on and valued.