AppoINT is a fully automated and integrated online system which simplifies the appointment of internal candidates.

The definition of an internal candidate is any continuing, fixed term or casual staff member, including contracts that have recently expired but not yet been terminated. For example, casuals can be appointed up to 30 days after their contract end date, as well as fixed term contracts that have ended but not formally terminated via CRAFT. Excludes senior appointments.

Expenditure Controls


Access to AppoINT:

Initiate or action a worklist item  Accept a Contract

  • General information


    AppoINT uses an add-on module to the PeopleSoft HRMS to generate offers of employment to internal candidates. Online workflows have been mapped against the University’s delegation of authorities to enable all approvals to occur electronically. 

    46% of employment offers made are for existing staff highlighting a significant opportunity to reduce the manual effort for the HR Branch and the Hiring Coordinators located across the faculties and divisions. AppoINT has been created to improve the experience for our existing staff, ensuring that they don’t have to take unnecessary steps when being offered a new position within the University, and have a clear streamlined process when seeking new opportunities internally. 

    Email notifications

    Email notifications will be sent at each step of the approval workflow. Additionally, email reminders will be sent every 3 days for any request pending action.

    Once the request has been approved, Human Resources (HR) will send the offer of employment to the staff member electronically for online acceptance via SSO. Following the acceptance of the offer, an acknowledgment email is sent to the staff member and the respective Hiring Coordinator, containing a copy of the Contract. 

    AppoINT access

    In order to access AppoINT, the Hiring Coordinator for your area will need to be a member of the relevant User List. The list is maintained by Human Resources.  If you are a Hiring Coordinator for your area and do not have access, please email the HR Service Centre.

    All other Contract Approvers are defined by the Vice-Chancellor and President's Delegations of Authority

    To discuss a request for additions or changes to the list of Contract Approvers in your area, please contact the HR Service Centre at 8313 1111, or complete the online enquiry form.

    Where can I get more help?

    • Check the relevant quick reference guides and other support material on this website.
    • Talk to your local Hiring Coordinator.
    • Email the HR Service Centre or phone 8313 1111 with your enquiry.
  • Roles and responsibilies

    The table below outlines the roles, associated positions, and responsibilities defined for AppoINT. 

    Role Associated position(s) Responsibilities
    Employment Offer Request Initiator Hiring Coordinator
    • Initiate contract for internal candidate.
    Employment Offer Approver Head of School
    Faculty Finance
    Executive Dean*
    HR Director*
    Provost and COO *
    • Approve contract.
    • Decline contract.
    Contract Acceptor University of Adelaide Staff Member
    • Accept a contract.
    • Decline a contract.
    • Submit a Request for Information.
    User List Maintenance Human Resources
    • Hiring Coordinator user list updates.

    * Executive Dean's approval is required when one of the following occurs:

    • Agreed salary
    • Loading
    • Offer of Employment for Professor

    *COO for Professional staff, Provost for Academic staff and HR Director approval is required when one of the following occurs:

    • Agreed salary in excess of 25%
    • Loading in excess of 25%
    • Offer of Employment for Professor

    Where Provost and COO Approval is required, the relevant template must be completed and attached to the request.

  • Processing timelines

    The table below will assist you in planning your processes to ensure staff members do not have interruptions to pay or system access.

    *To ensure staff member receives payment on the payday of: **Process-ready contract requests must be approved through AppoINT by: Contract will be issued to staff member by: The contract must be accepted by the staff member by 6am:
    03/01/2020 29/11/2019 06/12/2019 20/12/2019
    17/01/2020 20/12/2019 03/01/2020 10/01/2020
    31/01/2020 03/01/2020 17/01/2020 24/01/2020
    14/02/2020 17/01/2020 31/01/2020 07/02/2020
    28/02/2020 31/01/2020 14/02/2020 21/02/2020
    13/03/2020 14/02/2020 28/03/2020 06/03/2020
    27/03/2020 28/02/2020 13/03/2020 20/03/2020
    10/04/2020 13/03/2020 27/03/2020 03/04/2020
    24/04/2020 27/03/2020 10/04/2020 17/04/2020
    08/05/2020 10/04/2020 24/04/2020 01/05/2020
    22/05/2020 24/04/2020 08/05/2020 15/05/2020
    05/06/2020 08/05/2020 22/05/2020 29/05/2020
    19/06/2020 22/05/2020 05/06/2020 12/06/2020
    03/07/2020 05/06/2020 19/06/2020 26/06/2020
    17/07/2020 19/06/2020 03/07/2020 10/07/2020
    31/07/2020 03/07/2020 17/07/2020 24/07/2020
    14/08/2020 17/07/2020 31/07/2020 07/08/2020
    28/08/2020 31/07/2020 14/08/2020 21/08/2020
    11/09/2020 14/08/2020 28/08/2020 04/09/2020
    25/09/2020 28/05/2020 11/09/2020 18/09/2020
    09/10/2020 11/09/2020 25/10/2020 02/10/2020
    23/10/2020 25/09/2020 09/10/2020 16/10/2020
    06/11/2020 09/10/2020 23/10/2020 30/10/2020
    20/11/2020 TBA TBA TBA
    04/12/2020 TBA TBA TBA
    18/12/2020 TBA TBA TBA
    01/01/2021 TBA TBA TBA

    *Back-pay will be facilitated where applicable. 
    **Note that prior to the approvals, the requests will work flow to HR for a compliance check. Requests completed incorrectly will require follow-up, which will delay the contract issue and payment process.

  • Forms and templates

    The following templates are used to support the AppoINT form when seeking Provost and COO approval:

  • User training sessions

    An eLearning module: Recruit and Renew is available for hiring coordinators to assist with AppoINT. Please see below guide to access this training. 

    How to access the Recruit and Renew online course.

    Complete the Interactive Guide - Recruit and Renew.

  • Guides for hiring coordinators and approvers

  • Guides for staff members

  • Induction for existing staff

    Induction for existing staff will now be managed through a word document checklist, see the existing staff induction process or visit the Induction website for further information.

  • Help

    Your local area Hiring Coordinator is the first point of contact if you require assistance with recruitment.

    If you are the allocated Hiring Coordinator and do not have the required access, please email Recruitment

    System access issues will be handled by the IT Service Desk on 8313 3000.

    Need support or help troubleshooting in AppoINT? Contact the HR Service Centre via the online enquiry form or on 8313 1111. 

    For questions and support on the Induction process, visit the Induction website or contact Learning and Development.