HR Handbook

Human Resources has developed the HR Handbook to provide staff with easy access to employment related information and tools to assist them in understanding and meeting their obligations.

The HR Handbook contains resources to assist supervisors and managers in meeting their HR responsibilities.

The HR Handbook comprises the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement (as amended) and 6 handbook chapters, each containing the related policies, procedures, FAQs, information, templates and forms.

Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021

This Agreement is made under section 172 of the Fair Work Act 2009 and will be known as the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021 (Agreement). It will operate from seven (7) days after the date of approval by the Fair Work Commission and will remain in force until 30 June 2021.

The Fair Work Commission approved the variation to Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021 on 16 September 2020. The Enterprise Agreement with the approved Schedule 8 Job Protection Framework due to COVID-19 can be accessed below.