Engagement Approver

CAPS requires that all casual engagements are approved and accepted before the casual commences work at the University. The Engagement Approver is responsible for approving casual engagements and amendments to academic schedule.

  • General information

    After a new casual engagement or an Amendment to an Academic Schedule has been submitted by HR Operations the Engagement Approvers will receive an email notifying them of pending approval task and must login to their Staff Services Online (SSO) to view engagement details. They have the ability to Approve, Push Back or Withdraw an engagement. The Engagement Approver has the option to approve tasks individually, or bulk approve.

    Approval task notifications will be sent to all engagement approvers listed for the area. This also means that if someone is listed as an engagement approver for the whole Faculty, they will receive the approval task notifications for the whole Faculty. Where a member on the list does not wish to receive the notifications, they have the option to setup an email rule in Outlook to move the emails to a separate folder.

    For compliance reasons, the system will not allow the HR Operations team member who initiated the engagement to also be the Engagement Approver for that individual engagement.

    Only those staff who have Delegation of Authority from the Vice Chancellor to authorise the appointment of casual staff are able to approve engagements in CAPS.
    Details can be viewed on the Delegations website:
    Recruitment and Appointment - Casual Academic Positions
    Recruitment and Appointment - Casual Professional Positions

  • Casual engagement and payment process

    The below diagram shows where the engagement approval tasks sit within the full CAPS Engagement and Payment Process.

    CAPS Engagement and Payment Process Engagement Approver
  • Responsibility

    The responsibilities of the role are as follows:

    • Approve, Push Back or Withdraw engagement approval tasks (individually or in bulk)
    • Approve, Push Back or Withdraw Amendment to Academic Schedule approval tasks
    • When going on leave, setup a Temporary Delegation to assign approval tasks to another person while the approver is absent
  • Temporary delegation

    Temporary Delegations can be setup to allow approval tasks to be actioned by another person in the case of planned/unplanned absences. Engagement Approvers are encouraged to use this function pro-actively prior to commencing leave.

    An Engagement Approver can re-assign their delegation responsibilities using the existing Temporary Delegation eForm.

    Where the engagement approver is also a timesheet validator they can assign their timesheet validation responsibilities here also.

    In the case where this was not setup prior to the absence, Hiring Managers are able to setup Temporary Delegation on behalf of another person who has HR and Finance Delegation Responsibilities using the Temporary Delegation eForm – On Behalf of Delegation Holder, so long as the Delegation Holder belongs to the same HR Department as the Hiring Manager.
    Where there are pending approval tasks, these will not automatically reassign when a Temporary Delegation is setup. The task should be actioned by an alternate approver, or where there is not one available, a manual reassignment can be made by the HR Service Centre.

    For information on how to complete this, please visit the Temporary Delegation Transfer (eForm) website.

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