The University recognises the contributions of titleholders and the value they bring to the University, including assisting in achieving its research and academic goals, and shaping its culture.

Whilst conferral of title establishes certain privileges, it also establishes duties, obligations and conditions on the titleholder and the University. It is important that privileges are appropriately used and compliance is achieved with the specific duties, obligations and conditions of the title.

Obligation, duties, conditions and benefits

Titleholders will be required, as part of the conditions of appointment, to comply at all times with the statutes, rules, by-laws, policies and procedures of the University (including the Code of Conduct).  It is the responsibility for the Head of School to make you aware of your obligations, duties and conditions.

  • Behaviour and conduct

    The University of Adelaide is committed to fostering a culture where our Values are at the heart of everything we do. These Values and the principles and behaviours that support them are enshrined in the Code of Conduct, Staff Values and Behaviour Framework and Behaviour and Conduct Policy.

    Titleholders are expected to uphold University Values at all times, and in so doing, help to build and maintain a performance culture where excellence in teaching and research proliferates.  Please visit, Code of Conduct, Staff Values and Behaviour Framework and Behaviour and Conduct.

    The Conflict of Interest Procedure assists the titleholder to identify, disclose and manage any conflict of interest (actual, potential or perceived). Also to ensure that the titleholders observe the highest standards of behaviour and conduct and avoid any activity or interest that might reflect unfavourably on their own individual integrity and reputation, or upon the integrity and reputation of the University. For details please refer to Conflict of Interest procedure.

    The Fraud and Corruption Control Policy reflects the commitment of the University to prevent fraud and corruption through effective risk management. It also recognises that effective management is best primarily achieved by raising the awareness of Personnel at all operational levels. For details please refer to Fraud and Corruption Control Policy.

  • Intellectual property

    This policy aims to inform members of the University community (including titleholders) of their rights and obligations relating to IP created in the course of undertaking University activities, whether relating to education, teaching, research or administration. For details please refer to Intellectual Property Policy.

  • Duty of care

    The University of Adelaide has a duty of care for you whilst you are undertaking University related activities and the obligation to report incidents that occur related to university activity. Please report any incidents via the University's Unisafe.

  • Insurance coverage

    For the duration of their title, the University may provide titleholders access to the University insurance program when undertaking activities relevant to the titleholder’s role and under the direction or control, or at the explicit request of the Head of School / Director of University Research Institute, where those activities are reasonably related to that role, and are not in breach of any law or University Policy.  Please contact the Insurance Office for further details.

Approved organisations

The following organisations have been approved for the purposes of the conferment of affiliate titles.

Note: Government organisations are grouped under the overarching Government Department or Health Network. E.g. Central Adelaide Local Health Network includes:  RAH, Hampstead, QEH, GP Plus Health Care Centres, Breastscreen SA, etc.