The University of Adelaide may sponsor, employ or invite individuals from overseas, to work or participate in collaborative or supervised research at our world class Institution.

The University of Adelaide engages with a third-party provider to manage the visa process for both the University and the Individual.  The benefit of this arrangement is that the University and visa applicants can be confident they are receiving expert advice and support throughout the visa application process.

This ensures the University receives timely immigration updates and relevant information, and affords the opportunity for us to provide feedback for both State and Federal Government submissions, including submissions made on behalf of the sector. This also ensures the University receives expert advice and support for complex matters.  The University’s HR Immigration and Mobility team facilitates the visa matters with the provider.

Looking to get a visa?

It is important to be aware that each visa type holds its own specific requirements. For further information and to assist you in understanding what these requirements are, select from the options below: