Fact Sheets, Resources & FAQs

This page contains a number of factsheets and resources designed to provide guidance and information to staff members and managers about key parts of the University’s 2023 – 2025 Enterprise Agreement. This includes updated provisions and clauses that have been amended in the University of Adelaide 2023 – 2025 Agreement


Overtime & Time off in Lieu
  • What is Time Off In Lieu (“TOIL”)?

    Under clause 3.6 of the University’s Enterprise Agreement, if an eligible staff member is entitled to overtime they can, by agreement with their supervisor, choose to take time off of work at a mutually agreed time in lieu of being paid overtime. TOIL should be taken shortly after it has been accrued.

  • Who is eligible to receive TOIL?

    Professional staff who are classified at the level of HEO 7 or below are entitled to accrue TOIL.

    Academic staff, and staff classified or acting at the level of HEO8 or above are not entitled to payment of overtime and any payment will be at the University’s discretion.

  • How is TOIL accrued?

    For professional staff classified at the level of HEO 7 or below, TOIL is accrued and taken at the same rate as the applicable overtime rate.

    For example, if a staff member worked 1 hour of overtime which would ordinarily be paid at time and a half, they would be entitled to take 1.5 hours of TOIL.

  • How is TOIL different to Flexi-time?

    Flexi-time allows staff to vary their start and finish times (by agreement) within the ordinary span of hours to allow more flexibility in their hours of work. As part of a flexi-time arrangement, a staff member can accrue up to 10 hours during the ordinary span of hours to take time off work. These hours accrue on a 1 to 1 ratio and is not payable when leaving the University.

    In contrast, TOIL allows staff to take time off instead of being paid overtime. Overtime provisions are outlined in clause 3.6 of the Enterprise Agreement and require a staff member being directed or otherwise authorised by their supervisor to work outside of, or in excess of the ordinary span of hours. TOIL accrues on the basis outlined above.

  • What happens if I have unused TOIL when I leave the University?

    If possible, staff and supervisors are encouraged to arrange for TOIL to be taken during their required notice period.

    Approved overtime which was accrued after 19 July 2023 but unable to be taken as TOIL will be paid out to staff at the applicable overtime rate.

    Staff members should complete and submit an overtime claim form prior to leaving the University detailing the hours of the overtime worked.

  • What accrued TOIL is paid out on termination?

    TOIL accrued after 19 July 2023 (the implementation date of the 2023 – 2025 Enterprise Agreement) will be paid out on termination. Staff and supervisors should ensure that TOIL prior to that date is taken as soon as practicable after it has been accrued.

  • Can a staff member take unused TOIL during their notice period?

    Yes. If a staff member resigns and has unused TOIL, they are entitled to take this time off during their required notice period.

    If you need any assistance regarding TOIL, Overtime or Flex-time, we recommend speaking with your local HR Advisor.