Contract Types and Arrangements

The Enterprise Agreement provides limitations on the use of fixed term contracts and provisions regarding further employment. 

Fixed term contract categories offered at the University of Adelaide are listed at Clause 2.3 of the Enterprise Agreement and include: 

  • Clause 2.3.1 - Specific Task or Project 
  • Clause 2.3.2 - Senior Staff Contracts                                    
  • Clause 2.3.3 - Research-Only                                   
  • Clause 2.3.4 - Replacement Staff Member              
  • Clause 2.3.5 - Recent Professional Practice           
  • Clause 2.3.6 - Apprenticeship or Traineeship                     
  • Clause 2.3.7 - Pre-retirement                                      
  • Clause 2.3.8 - Employment subsidiary to studentship
  • Clause 2.3.9 - Convertible Academic Employment 
  • Clause 2.3.10 - Organisational Change                   
  • Clause 2.3.11 - Disestablished Area                         
  • Clause 2.3.12 - Teaching Fellowship                         
  • Clause 2.3.13 - Other Circumstances

Staff employed on one of the following contract types have a right to convert to continuing employment at the end of their fixed term contract if they meet the criteria in the Enterprise Agreement: 

  • Continuing Contingent Contracts

    Staff who are employed in an externally funded position may be eligible to apply for a Continuing Contingent Funded Appointment if they meet the criteria at clause 2.1.4 of the Enterprise Agreement. 

    • Application Form: Continuing Contingent Funded Appointment (PDF/Word)

    For further detail please read the Information Sheet here.

  • Scholarly Teaching Fellows

    The Enterprise Agreement provides that the University will appoint 35 or more academic staff into this category of continuing positions to undertake teaching that would otherwise have been performed by casual academic staff.

    For further details please read the Information Sheet here

  • Education Specialists

    For further details please refer to the Recruiting Education Specialists webpage.