HSW Contacts

HSW contacts

The HSW Advisory team is a group of safety professionals who are subject matter experts in University HSW procedures. They are available as a resource to any staff or students who are engaged in University activities – teaching or research. Further information on roles and responsibilities can be found here The HSW Advisory Team consists of:

Director, HSW

Paul Roberts

Manager, HSW Advisory

David Randall

Senior HSW Advisor

Stacy Fogliano

HSW Advisors

Shajir Bran (ABLE/Divisions)

Jessica Gilson (FHMS)

Anna Huang (SET)

HSW Officers

Tegan Cooper-Wilson

David McCleod

Jacki Rushby

Shajir Bran 

Craig Lewis

Eric He


HSW services

HSW Services

What we do

Contact Point

HSW Advice

We provide expert advice on health and safety matters, helping you ensure a safe working environment

Contact the HSW Team

Safety issue reporting and investigation

We facilitate the reporting of safety issues and conduct thorough investigations to prevent future incidents and maintain a safe campus

Submit an incident report

Workers compensation claims

We'll assist you with your injury management and claims

Injury Management and Wellbeing Advisor

Non-work-related injury advice and support

We'll provide guidance and support for your non-work-related injuries, ensuring you have an effective recovery strategy

Contact the HSW Team

Staff counselling service

We offer solutions-focused confidential counselling through an Employee Assistance Program 

Contact the HSW Team

Radiation Advice

We provide advice on radiation hazards and radiation incident management

Contact the HSW Team

HSW systems advice

We provide advice on Chemwatch, UniSafe, and ServiceNow (The HSW Portal)

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