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The Recruitment System is used to facilitate the end-to-end recruitment process from job requisition, candidate management and online offer through to on-boarding and induction of the new staff member.

It will be used for all new professional and academic fixed term and continuing roles.

This webpage has an extensive library of resources to assist you with your use of the Recruitment System, however if you have any questions that are not answered here please contact the Recruitment Team.

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  • Can I still advertise one role across several classifications? For example Academic Level A/B/C

    Yes. You will need to provide a description in the notes field, at the end of the job card and ensure that this is reflected in your advertisement. You should enter the highest classification level in the appropriate section of the job card. This will ensure that budget approval is signed off for the maximum salary level available. 

  • Can my preferred name be used in PageUp rather than my actual name?

    All names used in the PageUp are feeding through from PeopleSoft. We are unable accommodate preferred names.

  • Can someone apply for the role after the closing date?

    All roles will be automatically removed from the website on the closing date. If you wish to receive a late application, the Hiring Co-ordinator will need to contact Recruitment to request that they extend applications for a specific date range.

    The Recruitment team will provide a link for the applicant to submit their application. Alternatively, a Hiring Co-ordinator can apply them to the role directly using the 'New Applicant' link.

  • What is the Assign Task function?

    You should use Assign Tasks to create a reminder or notification to perform a task for yourself or for other users.

  • How do I add a document to the job card?

    Select the ‘documents’ tab at the top of the job card. You will be able to select a document from a file or from the library via this tab.

  • How do I make a direct appointment using the recruitment system?

    The advertising templates contain information tailored for all areas of the University. You will select your Divisional/Faculty template and remove any text not relevant to your area.
    You can then add your job specific advertising text in the appropriate place and enter salary range, closing dates and contact details as required.

  • How long does a job remain open for? When can I close a job?

    A job remains open until a Hiring Co-ordinator closes it. It should only be closed if the position has been filled or if you will not be recruiting for it any more.

    Whilst a job is “open” it will still show on the dashboard of a Hiring Co-ordinator or in the “My Open Jobs” section of the Hiring Manager screen.

    The University reports on recruitment benchmarks from the system to measure improvements made and ‘days to fill a role’ is one of them. By closing the role at the appropriate time you help us to provide up to date data on our performance.

  • What is the difference between a job number and the position number?

    A position number is the University identifier used by PeopleSoft HR.

    A job number is a PageUp generated requisition number. You will be able to find your job on the system using this number. Roles will be advertised using the job number only.

  • Will I receive confirmation that the role has completed the approval process?

    Both the Hiring Manager and the Hiring Co-ordinator will receive an email from the system confirming that a role has gone through all steps of the approval process. 




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