The University of Adelaide understands that moving to another location can be both quite exciting and challenging. Therefore, the University provides relocation assistance to eligible academic and professional staff, to support the recruitment of highly skilled academics, researchers and professional staff from different locations both domestic and overseas.  

The HR Immigration and Global Mobility Team facilitate relocation support services, and contact details can be found via this link.


Frequently asked questions

  • Does UoA provide relocation assistance to new staff

    The University of Adelaide provides relocation support to eligible Academic Staff and Professional Staff, who have been offered roles for a minimum of 24 months, at the discretion of the University and subject to funding availability.

    The relocation assistance package varies and generally depends on the new staff’s job level, length of assignment, number of relocating family members and origin, either domestic or international.

  • Does UoA have preferred relocation suppliers that can assist me with my move?

    Yes, UoA has engaged SIRVA BGRS Worldwide as the University’s preferred relocation service provider.  The Human Resources (HR) Immigration and Mobility Team will initiate the relocation request directly with SIRVA BGRS and you will be contacted by a Global Mobility Coordinator to discuss your relocation requirements per your letter of appointment.

    SIRVA BGRS provide a range of services including arranging flights; temporary accommodation; relocation of household/personal/office effects; pet relocation; insurances and home/school searches.

  • Can I arrange my own relocation and be reimbursed by UoA?

    No, the University has an agreement in place with SIRVA BGRS who administers and facilitates the relocation support for the University’s relocating new staff and family members (if any).

    However, the University may exercise flexibility, which will be managed on a case-by-case basis, to facilitate the University’s requirement for immediate relocation of new staff.

    Please contact the HR Immigration and Mobility Team to discuss.

  • Will the University of Adelaide pay me the remaining balance, if I do not use my relocation assistance in full?

    No.  For taxation and reporting purposes, all expenses associated with your relocation must be validated by the provision of receipts and/or tax invoices.

  • Can I use my relocation budget to purchase household items including new furniture and whitegoods?

    No, the purchase of household items, including new furniture and whitegoods are not considered to be eligible relocation items by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and therefore are not exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

  • What relocation assistance will the University provide for?

    Your offer letter would clearly state the relocation benefits you are offered/eligible for. Typically, the University provides relocation assistance package for the following items:

    • Visa sponsorship
    • Flights - One-way economy airfare(s) for the relocating and relocating immediate family members (if any)
    • Insurance
    • Pet transportation and storage
    • Furniture and household goods removals and shipping
    • Temporary Storage
    • Temporary accommodation
  • Is there a time limitation on my relocation benefit?

    The relocation benefit is good for up to 6 months from commencement date. Request for extension of the benefit will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the HR Immigration and Mobility Team.  The new hire will have six (6) months from the date of appointment to claim for relocation expenses.

  • Does my partner and other family members have to move with me or can they join me at a later time?

    We understand there are circumstances which may prevent the entire family relocating simultaneously, please advise the HR Immigration and Mobility Team of this information as soon as possible, to ensure the relocation providers are aware at the point the service request is initiated. Consideration is also given to Australian employer taxation implications.

  • What information do I need to provide to?

    The HR Immigration and Mobility team will receive notification via a report of your acceptance of offer and shortly thereafter will email you a SIRVA BRGS Pre-Checklist for your completion and return to the team for attaching to the service request initiated with SIRVA BRGS.

    If flights are required, you will be asked to provide copies of passports for yourself and any immediate family members accompanying you on the flight.