The University aims to provide a wellbeing framework which:

  • identifies the areas of our work environment where there are opportunities to promote healthy choices;
  • encourages and enables active participation;
  • supports and educates our staff; and
  • includes a range of programs which will benefit our health, wellbeing and the quality of our working life.

Health and wellbeing during COVID-19

Our COVID-19 website provides you with a toolkit of tips, activities and opportunities relating to healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy families and healthy finances.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The University of Adelaide support staff and their families by providing access to two Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service providers, offering you a choice of providers and locations across Adelaide. 

Wellbeing at the University of Adelaide

  • BUPA corporate health plan

    The University of Adelaide has worked together with BUPA to offer staff health cover with fantastic corporate benefits.

    Covid19 – Update from BUPA

    In what is currently very unusual times we hope that you, your family and your teams are keeping safe and well.

    Please be assured BUPA is still available to continue to support your health and wellbeing


    • There is some information here to help guide them during these confusing times, and for those facing financial hardships.
    • Bupa has also delayed the annual premium increase by another six months to provide further relief. You can stay up to date on the actions we are taking via Bupa’s newsroom.
    • To deal with anxiety and mental health, we are also offering our members up to 100% back on a range of confidential, self-paced online therapy courses.
    • Please check the attached pdf & link – This Way Up

    Get in touch

    Our call centre is currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes and wait times with regards to members current policies or requesting information around their product coverage.  As a valued partner of BUPA, University of Adelaide employees can access the following options to talk to a BUPA consultant.

     1:1 personal phone/Skype consults

     call me back service

     Live messaging service

    Existing BUPA members

    If you would like to discuss or review your existing BUPA cover please contact BUPA on 134 135 or email CoverReview@bupa.com.au and quote the new Group ID no: 2111529.

    Corporate benefits

    • Join BUPAs corporate health plan on selected combined Hospital & Extras cover by 31 March 2020 and you could get 6 weeks free.
    • A 6% discount on your health cover.
    • Your percentage back on Extras claims at recognised providers grows by 2% of the original benefit each year, up to a maximum of 10%.

    Find out why choosing your Bupa corporate health plan really is a simple choice.

    Upcoming phone consultations

    Location Dates Booking
    North Terrace
    • Wednesday 20th May
    Book here
    Pultney Street
    • Tuesday 9th June
    Book here
    Rundle Mall Plaza
    • Tuesday 19th May
    Book here

    Non members

    Not a member of the BUPA Corporate Health Plan?

    All staff, including casual staff, and staff of controlled entities are eligible to join the BUPA Corporate Health Plan.  If you wish to consider the benefits of the plan you can contact BUPA:

    Sue Denby
    e: susan.denby@bupa.com.au
    m: 0403 352 847
    p: 134 135
    and quote ID 2111529
    or you can use the call me back service.

    Other BUPA information

    Website: Bupa Corporate Health Plan
    Username: UniofAdelaidebupa
    Password: healthplan

    University health and wellbeing activities

    To see other ways the HSW team supports your health and wellbeing please visit the wellbeing activities page.

  • Critical incidents

    What is a critical incident?

    A critical incident may be a single traumatic event such as a violent episode or life-threatening emergency, or it may be that you have witnessed enduring or repeated events which have become overwhelming over time.

    In the first instance we require you to report the incident to your Manager/Supervisor who will ensure that appropriate action has been taken to manage the situation and ensure that no-one else is at risk.  This may involve contacting the Emergency Services, Security, HR Branch and/or the Manager HSW depending on the circumstances.  The Manager/Supervisor will offer immediate assistance to persons involved and document the details of the incident.

    Critical incident debriefing

    Following the incident, the University will arrange for timely and appropriate counselling and support to those who have been directly and/or indirectly impacted.  It should be noted that this service is offered to staff, but is not compulsory.  Depending on the situation and the individuals involved, debriefing may be provided individually or as a group.

    How do you arrange for critical incident debriefing?

    Managers/Supervisors are to contact the HSW Team on 8313 6079 (Associate Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing), 8313 5904 (Injury Management and Wellbeing Advisor), or 8313 0174 (Manager, HR Policy and Injury Management).

    The HSW Team will co-ordinate services with CHG.

    Further assistance

    For individuals who are experiencing persisting symptoms, further assistance is also available through the University’s Employee Assistance Program.

    Incidents involving students

    Additional assistance can be obtained by contacting Student Counselling Services, Ground Floor, Horace Lamb Building, North Terrace campus (8313 5663).

  • Disability - information for staff

    A range of resources have been developed by the University of Adelaide to support staff with a disability.

    Further information for staff supporting students with a disability

    Please refer to Student Life Disability Support webpage.

  • Manager and colleague assist

    The University also has in place a “Manager and colleague Assist” program (a component of the EAP program).  With just a simple phone call, Managers/Supervisors and staff can access help and advice to deal proactively with the stress or frustration sometimes associated with the role of managing others or when you suspect or know that a work colleague is struggling with an issue and you are unsure how/if to provide support.

    Some examples of where “Manager Assist” can help are:

    • A particular student or staff member is very difficult to deal with and this is starting to cause much frustration and stress;
    • The thought of presenting to a “tough” audience makes you feel queasy.  You need some practical guidance on how to de-stress in preparation for your next presentation;
    • You are having trouble getting on with a staff member.  You want some strategies on how you can work through some of the interpersonal issues;
    • You have had a hard day dealing with everyone else’s problems and you really need to debrief with someone so you can build up some more reserves; or
    • You are scheduled to have a “difficult” conversation with someone, and you want to prepare yourself to deal with the strong response the conversation may trigger.

    Some examples of where “Colleague Assist” can help are:

    • You are aware or suspect that a colleague is suffering from a illness (e.g. depression, anxiety);
    • How to start a conversation and what you might say; and
    • Finding the right balance of support and assistance when you consider that a colleague is becoming reliant on you and you wish to set up some boundaries at work.

    How can you access manager and colleague assist?

    Manager and Colleague Assist is a telephone based service provided by CHG. All you need to do is telephone 83529898 during business hours, Monday to Friday.

    Identify that you are an employee of the University of Adelaide, and you wish to talk to a counsellor from Manager and Colleague Assist. Leave your contact phone number and name and one of CHG's counsellors will return your call as soon as possible. They will return your call within 24 hours, usually on the same day.

  • Mental health toolkit for supervisors

    The mental health toolkit for supervisors can be found on the Supervisor Toolkit webpage.

    The aim of this toolkit is to provide supervisors with some practical guidance on how to support a staff member who may need assistance with coping at work.

  • Quit smoking support

    Support for staff

    The University has developed a support program for staff through our Employee Assistance Provider.

    If you are interested in taking up this option, please contact CHG directly on 8352 9898, who will refer you to a qualified member of their team to discuss your requirements.

    The CHG program will include a variety of support options including subsidised Nicotine Replacement Therapy and specialist health coaching where applicable.

    Support for students

    Students who wish to quit smoking are encouraged to contact either the Counselling Service on 8313 5663 or to visit the University Medical Practice  (8313 5050) on the North Terrace campus.

Further information

Please contact your local HSW Team.