Special Studies Program

Applications for Special Studies Program (SSP) during January 2023 to December 2023 are closed. 


Faculty of HMS

Health and Medical Sciences

Faculty of ABLE

Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Faculty of SET

Science, Engineering and Technology

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I apply for the Special Studies Program?

    • Obtain accrued SSP leave balance through Staff Services Online (SSO)
    • SSP application online forms are available in each of the above faculty tabs .
    • Follow the SSP guidelines to complete your application.
  • How do I know if my SSP application has been successful?

    Once you have completed your online application via PageUp:

    • Applications are forwarded to the Faculty SSP Committee;
    • The SSP Committee assesses each application and provides recommendations to the Executive Dean for approval;
    • Applications not progressing for approval will cease at this stage and the applicant notified.  Applicants can then seek feedback from the Chair of the SSP Committee once the round has been finalised
    • Applications that are recommended by the SSP Committee for approval are forwarded to the Executive Dean for consideration and approval (subject to ED review);
    • All applicants will be advised of their outcome via email before 31st August 2022.  Approval may depend on final checks of eligibility (any outstanding reports from previous SSP taken, workload impact on other staff members; alignment with the Faculty’s strategic priorities correct number of days requested and/or annual leave requests).
  • My application for SSP was successful, what do I need to do now?

    Once your application has been approved:

    • The HR Operations team forwards the following forms to successful recipients for completion:
      • Approval letter advising of outcome and award details (no action required)
      • SSP Commencement form (to be completed 6 weeks prior to starting leave)
      • If required: SSP Application Amendment form (only to be completed if amendment is required eg. date, times or destination changes)
      • On return to normal work duties: A written report is to be completed within one month of returning to normal work duties and forwarded to the Human Resources Operations Team
  • Am I entitled to receive a Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA)?

    The University no longer offers LAFHA, staff are encouraged to claim the work related portion of their travel expenses through their personal taxation claim with receipts as proof of expenditure. If a reimbursement from a consulting fund is required this estimate should be stated on the travel requisition and approved by the HoS prior to travelling. Only the employee’s portion of the work related expenses will be reimbursed from consulting funds. Information on work related expenses that can be claimed from consulting accounts can be found in the Travel and Entertainment Policy and Procedures  


  • When will I receive my funding and how?

    If successful in receiving the awarded travel funding, the SSP Coordinator will provide the project code to be used when booking airfares through the University travel management company. If other expenses are to be paid for (if awarded more than flight expenses), receipts are to be provided as evidence on return from leave. Here are the University travel procedures for further information.

  • Is there anything else I should be aware of before I leave on SSP?

    • All forms (commencement and if applicable, amendment form) must be completed and forwarded to the
      HR Operations team 
      before leave takes place;
    • An estimated travel costing is to be submitted with application if funding is required.
    • Ensure compliance with the University’s travel policy regarding vaccinations
  • What do I need to do when I return from SSP?

    A written report of outcome is to be completed within one month of return. More information can be found on the Special Studies Program Report Guidelines and Template form