Pandemic Vaccinations Policy

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Frequently asked questions

  • What was the outcome of consultation on the Pandemic Vaccination Policy and Direction?

    The Pandemic Vaccination Policy and Direction was released for consultation in January 2022.  On the 15 February 2022, in considering feedback received and the latest health advice, the Vice-Chancellor released a statement summarising the decision to adopt the Pandemic Vaccinations Policy, but not apply the Direction at the current time.


  • What does the Pandemic Vaccinations Policy require me to do?

    The Pandemic Vaccinations Policy does not require action from the University community at this stage. The Policy provides a framework and a mechanism for future Directions to be made regarding vaccination under the conditions outlined in the Policy. Under the Policy, consultation with University staff and students on the nature of a Direction is required ahead of putting any Direction in place.



  • Is there an associated Direction in place?

    There is not currently a Direction in place under the University of Adelaide Pandemic Vaccinations Policy.



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