HSW Roles & Responsibilites

HSW roles and responsibilities for supervisors.

Supervisors play a very important role in ensuring that their staff and students are aware of any safety requirements related to any activity that will be undertaken. The supervisor has line management control of their staff and students, and is responsible for addressing any inappropriate or unsafe behaviours.

The following documents capture an easy to reference snapshot of who should be involved in the delivery of specific HSW services/activities. The aim of the information is to provide a level of clarity around the range of activities required to ensure appropriate management and maintenance of the HSW System and whom has a key role in what activities. This information is indicative rather than exhaustive.

A detailed list of HSW roles can be found in HSW structure, roles and responsibilities.

Further information

The activities of the HSW Team within Human Resources is defined by a number of documents including:

  • The HSW services held within the service catalogue (noting the catalogue only lists services that can be requested and not all the activities of the HSW Team);
  • The HSW Action Plan that defines the projects and activities to be undertaken over and above the business as usual activities to update or enhance the HSW Framework; and
  • The HSW BAU Operational Elements document that captures the nature and volume of business as usual activities undertaken by the HSW Team.

Please contact the HSW Team for further information.