HSW Service Portal

March 2024 will see the introduction of the HSW Service Portal which will handle all services associated with the HSW Service Catalogue.

The HSW Team has responsibility for managing and providing:

  • The policy and procedures that  govern the University’s HSW Framework
  • HSW advice and support on hazard management requirements
  • HSW tools, HSW information and other guidance

to enable supervisors and managers to monitor and maintain safe work environments for staff and students.

The HSW Service Portal is an easier way to connect to request these services and safety information, as it allows for:

  • Requests to be tracked via an individual case number
  • Easy information exchange to ease overloaded email inboxes
  • A searchable library of HSW information, tips and tools that grows over time.

Like other service platforms (ITDS and HR Service Centre), you will receive notifications when:

  • You open a request.
  • A request is updated.
  • A request is closed.

Putting in a request is easy. Watch this 2-minute video to see how.

Checking for updates is even easier. Watch this 1 minute video.

Important to remember – The most frequent way HSW services are delivered is in the workplace, because hazard management is always easier to understand when all parties can see the work environment and talk to people preforming the task or activity. 

Further instructional videos:

Access the HSW Service Portal Here