Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19


The world at this time can seem to be so confusing and stressful.

There are a lot of questions about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and not a lot of definitive answers. Yet at the same time we are being bombarded with information, facts, gossips and rumours that we have to sift through to find the truth. The virus is changing the way we work, the way we maintain relationships from a distance and is creating worries and anxiety for many people. Yet at the same time there is positivity. We see people reaching out to others, caring for each other, finding new ways of keeping in touch and coming together to fight this virus. How can we possibly acknowledge all of the wonderful workers working to keep us safe, to treat and care for us, to feed us or to defeat this virus.

So how can we continue to function and maintain our wellbeing and even grow our wellbeing and resilience?

The first step is to care for ourselves with compassion and love. Often we forget to care for ourselves but, now more than ever, we need to love and care for ourselves the same way we care for a dear loved friend or family member. Take time for yourself, check in with yourself and show compassion to yourself!

Throughout these pages you will find tips and activities to undertake that you may find helpful during this time. The tips relate to a healthy mind, healthy bodies, healthy families and healthy finances.

Please remember that this is like a tool kit. You use the tools that are suitable for you now and leave the others for another time.  Remember, if you, or any member of your immediate family are not coping during this time, please access our Employee Assistance Program which will provide you with free professional support.

Opportunities during COVID-19 to promote wellbeing


Find new ways to reach out and make contact with others whether it is work colleagues, family or friends. Remember we are physically distancing not socially distancing!

Connection is one of our most basic human needs.


Plan what to do and gain a sense of control.  A simple plan, or plans, have the benefit of keeping you focussed, helping you to make better choices and enable you to see what you have achieved or know what you need to do.  You might want to find a planning partner to keep you on track or keep you motivated. This is another opportunity to connect.

Venture Try something new.  Even if you feel like you do not have enough time.  It may be a physical, mental, emotional or social activity.  Make it fun and fit in with your lifestyle (not take over it).  Learning or trying something new will make you happier, give you a sense of accomplishment and could connect you with others too.

Identify the areas of your physical, mental and emotional health which you know are causing you concern, anxiety, fear or you know is putting your health at risk. Be honest with yourself.  Set yourself some simple and achievable goals.  There are many resources and tips throughout this toolkit to help.


Take action.  Work out what you can do right here and right now.  It doesn’t need to be complicated.  It should focus on what is reasonably under your control and be flexible.

Do something for you.

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