Recruitment & Appointment Justification eForm enhancement


The feedback received since the Recruitment & Appointment Justification eform went live has resulted in the implementation of a number of enhancements, as detailed below:

  • The cloning feature enables a saved eform, or previously submitted form to be cloned (duplicated). This feature will be useful in circumstances when a eform is declined, which requires the creation of a new one, or where multiple positions with similar justification are being requested.
  • The justification questions have been updated to provide better guidance to the eform initiators regarding how to substantiate their requests.
  • Pushback functionality enables the eform to be pushed back to the previous workflow step for additional information, which can be added in the comments field (the eform can’t be edited).
  • Employment Type (being filled) field has been added for circumstances where the position is ‘Continuing’, but the request is to fill the position on a ‘Fixed-term’ basis.
  • Enhanced project lookup functionality has been introduced which only shows the valid list of projects for the selected GL Department. This makes it easier for initiators to select the correct project code.
  • Clearance questions have been added to position requests to capture the applicability of police clearance, working with children, and defence affiliation.
  • Save for Later functionality has been introduced allowing initiator to have multiple drafts in progress. The Initiator can then retrieve and make edits to the saved eform before submission.

In addition to the above we will continue to improve functionality of the Justification form over time.

Initiators of the eform are encouraged to continue to refer to the Recruitment & Appointment Justification eform supporting documentation which can be found on our Position Management webpage.

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